Sinterklaas versjes maken

37 Vanaf de jaren zestig kreeg Piet weer een positiever imago.Zij betoogt dat de gestalten van Sinterklaas en de Kerstman ( Santa Claus ) altijd tegenstrijdige elementen hebben bevat.Aen Het Bekoorlyke Hollandsche Jufferschap s-Gravenhave, 1745).In deze documentaire stellen historici dat Zwarte Piet verwijst naar de Moren die al

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Online collage maker

It has various predefined images and you can change them with your own by uploading.Just upload the images and choose from tons of layouts by clicking left side icons.By clicking Add photos.You can add any new photos too.It has limited set of collage templates, so choose the desired

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Free diploma maker

Any fake schools and school systems.Yes, people have this question and we are glad that they want to put in some research before spending their hard earned money. 12,394 Shareware.Wallpaperio PS3 Maker is a free wallpaper maker that creates wallpapers.We do not condone the use of our novelty

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How to make lampion

how to make lampion

Aim for something the size of a coffee can lid.
You can use any size circle.However, do not use a candle when hanging.Following the curve of the top of the paper (the pizza crust draw alternating lines on the paper that cross the full length of the paper, but don't quite meet the opposite side.Place 1 grommet in the middle of each side of your bag, roughly 1/2-inch down from the top of the bag.Follow these instructions to switch the lantern on and off: Stand it up (lid up open the lid, remove the piece of filling that holds the electric tea light in place, switch on or off the tea light, then replace the filling and the lid.3 Cut out the tissue paper circles.Use scissors to to cut the paper along the curved lines that you drew.7 Remove the adhesive designs from the outside of the jar.4 Use a thumb tack to make holes along the lines of your design.Use some glue to adhere the two circles to one another only on the outermost ring.The holes should be right across from each other so that the lantern hangs evenly.
You can do this with a good glue or tape, or a combination of the two for added sturdiness.

If you used a piece of printer paper, your handle should be about 6" (15 cm) long and 1" (2.5 cm) wide.
7 Dont go overboard.